Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ok everyone....I headed down that path of "ghost blogger" again, sorry! I started to show you the awesome job that my boys did of unloading the truck when Colten finally got to Texas and I have no idea why I didn't finish.....
First they were unloading things one at a time being very careful, then I found out they were just getting the "fragile" and "precious" things ( you know, things like Xbox and wakeboards!) out first before they unleashed and acted out their "plan"! I swear, where do boys come up with these things!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We had this crazy crazy day on last Wednesday. I was at home minding my own business, and I get a call from Steve to get down to the marina something was wrong with the boat! So off I go with Amber to see what's going on with it. Steve tells me to be sure and wear my swimsuit cause I'm probably gonna have to jump in. Yay...I get to jump in. I go into the office and the lady is freaking out telling me how lucky I am that they noticed the boat and ladda dadda da! So I go trotting over to look at the boat and from a distance I can see that the boat is fine and out of the water, and what the heck is that woman talking about! Ha, I get closer, then right on top of the boat and WOW! The boat WAS almost sunk! They managed to get some straps on the back of it and get the back end of it at least out of water.
So I call Steve to give him the news and he says "ok now you gotta jump in, swim underneath the boat and see if the plug is missing." Say whut?! I don't think so! Well he called me a pansy and said i really really needed to do it. So I looked at Amber, and trembled...and whimpered...and almost cried, I said almost! I mean, c'mon! There are scary freaky things livin' in marinas under the boats, and that's usually where the murderers sink the dead bodies they need to hide! Did you ever see "What Lies Beneath", with Harrison Ford? Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about! Dead bodies that follow you around wanting you to rescue them from their pain! Ok, ok, I'm getting all freaked out again! Justin called and Amber put him on speaker phone so he could talk me through going under and finding the plug! Freak! Stupid men! I really don't know why I listened to them, they ended up having to have it pumped out by a recovery team and towed to the dock and they had all this protective wetsuit gear on that kept them clean from the oil and fuel that was leaking into the water, which I swallowed! I held my breath a wee bit to long, and when I came up out of the water, I choked on it....YUK! I was breathing gas fumes all night, and suckin' oil outta my teeth! Ha ha! Not funny! I did manage to accomplish my goal of finding the plug, or should I say, where the plug was supposed to be! Oh man what a nightmare! After I got out I was covered in oil and gas, I smelled so lovely, it was an added fragrance to the dead fish smell you walk away with when visiting the lake! Anyway, we got the boat home, gave it a bath in dawn dish soap and then hauled it away to get it all prettied up and working again. The guy did call and say he got it running yesterday which is a HUGE relief! So for right now, we won't be enjoying the lake for a little while......

The other day Stevie and Cooper had gone over to a friends house and spent the night. Jace never has liked being alone, so he asked if he could sleep in my room. I asked if he wanted to sleep in my bed and he says no, no. Then I asked if wanted to sleep on the floor, he says no, I don't wanna sleep with the dogs! So I said, Ok, where u wanna sleep then? He points to my bathroom and says he wants to sleep in the shower! Im like I dont think so wierdo! So he asks about the bathtub....The bathtub! By this time I don't really care just flippin' go to bed! So he made a bed in the tub, and figured within the next few minutes he would crawl into bed with me.
I woke up the next morning and there he is all cuddled up with Petie, snoring away! We laughed our heads off! What a crack up he is!

Oh what do you do in the summertime.......?
We used to swim in our AWESOME POOLIn The Pool!!!
Now we just slip n' slide ha ha!

Ok, remember when I told you how the rain brings all the critters out? Well we found this critter when he flew into the house chasing Krew! Krew just didn't know what to think of this big bug so we video taped him playing with it. At first he was scared but curious, ok the whole time he was SCARED, but curious ha ha!

But he eventually made friends with buggy. Buggy still thinks Krew plays a bit rough, but I think they will stay friends!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ok so I got this really funny story! The other night, Jace and I got totally sucked into this movie on tv. Before I realized, it was midnight and everyone had gone to bed but us. I headed out into the garage to turn off the porch light and to get the dogs food. As I opened up the garage something grayish white was eating the cat food and I startled it and ran under these chairs I got sitting in there with all the other boxes and crap that I haven't unpacked! My first thought was that it was a neighbor cat that had come in under the garage door that I keep cracked for my cat to come and go as it pleases. Then my mind quickly raced to the conversation I overheard Stevie and Cooper having about seeing a MONSTER squirrel in our garage eating all the cat food. So I got a little nervous and peeked under one of the was to dark and I couldn't see anything. I ran into the house and grabbed my camera (cause one never knows!) and flashlight to see better. I could still hear the rustling and the scratching and so I ever so cautiously got down and peeked under the chair again. There I saw two grayish white feet, with its toes spread out with a death grip on the cement floor, and its little tummy breathing really fast and really hard! Poor thing! The picture in my mind was of that movie Over the Hedge and one of the characters, I think either a turtle or squirrel was hiding from a human and he was plastered up against a wall hoping the human didn't see him! Ha ha! I just pictured this little animal scared to death thinking in his head "Oh crap! I hope she can't see me"! Anyway, I moved over to the side of the chair to see if I could get a better look, but I couldn't. Then all of a sudden I saw this long naked thing that looked like a snake, no a tail, yeah, a tail, wait...A TAIL! Looks like a BIG RAT TAIL! I freaked, jumped up and ran into the house. I told Jace to come out there with me cause something was in the garage! (like Jace was gonna protect me ha ha) We looked again, and it had moved and was now facing us! It was a POSSUM! I have never in my life seen a real live possum! Poor thing was scared to death, and I didn't know anything about possums, whether they are aggressive or passive or whateverive! So we started moving things so it could have a straight shot out of the garage. We baricaded ourselves just in case it decided to attack! Ha-ha! Jace climbed up on one of the chairs and I the other. It was looking up at us like "what the.....?" I was able to take a couple of pictures and a video of it, so i hope you like it.

But....that isn't where the story ends yet!

When that cute little possum finally got the nerve to make a run for it, we wanted to see where it would go and how big it really was, so we ran to the other side of the garage, where there is a door that opens out onto the back patio. As I flung open the door and stepped out, there stood the biggest freakin' racoon I have ever seen! It stared at me and I stared at him, both of us afraid to move! This crazy racoon is starring me straight in the eyes, and he starts to take a step in super super slow-mo, like if he stares at me hard enough, I won't be able to see him walking away! I'm yelling for Jace, so he steps out and the racoon freezes again and stares at him, then super super slow-mo walking again! I'm fumbling for my camera to snap a shot, but by the time I focused on him he had gotten back into the trees and it was to dark to see him. That racoon was bigger than my cat, and I gotta BIG cat! That was our latest creature adventure. I put some food out in the box for Coonie and I hope he comes back, along with Possum. They were both so awesome!
The next morning I showed Stevie and Cooper the pics and video, we were all glad to have solved the Monster Squirrel mystery. I swear I could write a book about this stuff! Ha-ha!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

So last week we were minding our own business and swimming at the walden community pool, having a grand time, enjoying the water and watching the clouds gather. Off in the distance there were some clouds getting together looking like they wanted to do some damage and ruin some fun somewhere, in someplace, on someone. Soon we hear this faint sound that might have been classified as thunder, but I wasn't sure. I mean my boys are always making noises that sounds like thunder, ya know, so it really could of been anything in my opinion. Instantly the old lady lifeguard starts blowing her whistle and telling everyone to get out of the pool. I'm thinking, oh please! You're actin' like a hurricane is comin' or something! Steve tried to convince her she was hearing things, but no she wasn't convinced one bit. We sat around for a few minutes hoping things would blow over, cause in Arizona it would've already been gone ha ha, but it didn't. So we got our things together and headed back to the house. By the time we got home, the wind had picked up and it had started to sprinkle. By the time we opened the door to the house it was an absolute down pour! I mean, the heaven's literally opened up and let it all out at once! So I guess I shouldn't be 2nd guessing the old lady lifeguard anymore. Krew was pretty bummed that he couldn't go out and play with the all the forest animals! Lucky them......

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our BIG TEXAS move!

Krew & Koda had a very very hot ride to Texas, but they were troopers and made it through!

Cooper, Stevie, & Jared rode with me in the truck and they were great for as long of a ride we had, but looking at Stevie in this picture, it looks like he might have been having some tummy problems! Ha-ha! JK!

So we finally made it! Two very long days of traveling, but some really fun moments that have left memories embedded in my brain! Ha-ha!

I took this picture as it was getting dark, I honestly didn't think it was that dark till I looked at the pictures! Anyway this is the front of the house. We live in a cul-de-sac, which is really nice and quiet. Well until i got there with the boys, and dogs, and cat!

Ok this is a closer look of the front entry, the cute little front patio, the west side of the yard, and my chickens! I love those chickens!

Welcome to our home! I'm gonna take you on a quick tour, so don't get up and leave for one second, or you will miss it! This is the very 1st room you enter into when you walk in the house. We call it the "living room"!

As you walk down the hall we have a comfortable little nook, that we like to call the "piano room", since that is the only place it would fit! It has a beautiful view of the east side of the house where deer like to nibble on the forest floor :)

Next you have Cooper showing you the crazy bathroom, that texans all seem to love! They call it the "jack-n-jill" bathroom. Its kinda cool. Right smack in the middle is the bath/shower and toilet on the left side and right side of that is a seperate room, each one has a sink and cupboards, with a total of 4 doors in all! That way if someone needs to shower, bathe, or well you know, and someone else needs to wash their hands, brush their teeth, or look in the mirrow, then it makes everyone happy to be able to do all those things at once....kinda!

Ok here you enter the domain of women....we call it the "kitchen"! Cooper is really turning out to be quite the model, I may have to enroll him in models 101! I like the kitchen, it is big and roomy at least in counterspace! My honest opinion is that the builder ought to be shot! It was obviously a man....there is no pantry! None, nada, zilch! Who builds a house with no stupid pantry in the kitchen? UUUGGGGG! Well it will have to do for now! I do like the sink, or should I say the faucet! Its pretty cool!

Ok, moving on.....on the other side of the kitchen you have the dining room/office. Since we don't have any more space, the office computer and my personal computer are against the wall by the table. All I can say is it works!

The next room, which is right off the dining/office/kitchen is Stevie and Jace's room. The bedrooms are very spacious, with big closets, and I like them. I think the boys like them also.

Ok well I did take a picture of Krew sleeping on my bed in my room...does that count?
I also failed to show you all Justin, Cooper, and Colten's room! Its awesome ha ha! The owners of the house turned their attic into a big room, so that is where the older boys are sleeping. Its pretty cool, they carpeted it and made it all nice. They even installed an air conditioner just for that room, along with it being connected to the rest of the house. They love it cause they can control the temp. I may be controlling it as soon as we get our 1st electric bill! Amber, Josh, and Braiden are sleeping in the other bedroom in the house till they get their own place. They are trying to get a home down the street but it is taking some time to get it all in order. So for now we are all cozy snuggly like little bugs in a rug! Right!

Craziest thing ever happened to Braiden! We were all unpacking and keeping busy with things, and I guess Braiden was just standing in the kitchen minding his own business, when he got attacked by this black marker! I know what you're thinking, hard to believe right? Yeah well I guess you all know the child to well! He just wanted to help decorate to! Thank goodness this marker he got ahold of was a dry erase marker, unlike the permanent one he got ahold of in mesa! Ha ha! He was to cute to get mad at though, he was looking at us stuttering and jabbering about it all then he looked down at the mess and says "oh man" as plain as day! He is just to cute, the little fart!

Ok so this was our very !st Texas storm! Yay! It felt just like Az! The wind blew in the clouds, the sky opened up, it poured for about 15 minutes, then the muggy humidity set in! Believe it or not, I loved it! I felt like Texas was welcoming us with open arms!

Well I have my own theory.....the day of the storm was the day they called Steve to serve in the bishopric! I think the Lord may have changed his mind for a second about bringing back the flood! Ha ha! No, I'm just kidding! Ha ha! But can you believe it? He's a high priest now! Totally weird!
He's on the phone talking to all his brothers, sharing the good news!

And with the rain you also get all those wonderful creatures that also love to come out and play! This is "sticky". He totally lives up to his name, he stuck to EVERYTHING! He was cute though!

I've looked and looked, and so far this is the best sunset I have been able to find. It isn't an Arizona sunset, but it will have to do. That is one thing I will miss, the beautiful sunsets of the desert!

Well we seem to be settling in, I think i realized last week that was gonna be on my vacation longer than I thought. Its tough trying to fit all my crap that I brought with me into a 2200 sq ft home, when it came from a 3600 sq ft home! Im to the point where I just wanna throw all the stuff away that is still left in the garage! I'm afraid Angie might kill me though! Ha-ha!

Danette, Tori, and all of us had a lot of fun on our trip. We went to the beach and enjoyed the muddy, shallow, warmth of the gulf. Stayed up late trying to fit round things into square places, drove around forever just to get to one store! But I'm sure glad she came!

Here's a shout out to my Laurel girls, and to the rest of the young women of
H A R M O N Y W A R D! I love and miss you all, can't wait for a visit to catch up with all the boys you mite be chasing!

Here's a Y E A H A to Jake! I miss ya son! Hope you still get to come visit when Colten comes down. Give your mama and dad a big hug for me!

I miss all my friends, my family, my sister, my nieces and nephews! I miss you all! I promise to put up a bigger fight to get on the computer to stay up on my blog and facebook, even if I have to take out one of my boys to do it!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update on Family

I know I need to update my blog so here is what is going on with the family lately.
Steve is still working hard and has been going back and forth to Texas. We're trying to expand our business, so we are planning on moving to Texas.
Justin lives up in St George as a snowboard instructor part time and got another job at Buckle. He will be moving home soon to get somethings figured out to go to texas with us in June-July 2009.
Colten is going to school and still working for his dad as a mechanic. He hangs out with his friends and makes long boards on his free time. Colten graduates in May and is planning on getting his mission papers in adn work for his dad driving a dump truck until he leaves.
Cooper is going to taylor as a 7th grader. Doing really well in school, making new friends. Plays football with his best friend Jared Eaton and his brother Stevie for NYS. Doing really good this year. He just started wrestling for school and is loving it!
Stevie is going to Keller as a 5th grader. Doing good in school. Plays Baseball for his Dad for Mesa Southern Little League ont eh Astros team. He is excited for this baseball season. Claims to hit a lot of homruns and be a better catcher than last year.
Jace turned 8 in November and was baptized. He is hanging out with his brothers, and his best friend dallan russell. Plays game cube and computer games. Sometimes draws a lot too. He is quite the artist!
And Me, I have been getting things ready for texas, including the house, loving hanging out with my boys, watch them play their sports, and watching my grandbaby on wednesdays. He is going to be a year and a half on march 28th. i can't believe it, time flies by way to fast. He is starting to talk a little more, he's also losing the baby look and starting to look like a little boy! Amber and Josh are going to start potty training him soon! Good Luck!