Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ok so I got this really funny story! The other night, Jace and I got totally sucked into this movie on tv. Before I realized, it was midnight and everyone had gone to bed but us. I headed out into the garage to turn off the porch light and to get the dogs food. As I opened up the garage something grayish white was eating the cat food and I startled it and ran under these chairs I got sitting in there with all the other boxes and crap that I haven't unpacked! My first thought was that it was a neighbor cat that had come in under the garage door that I keep cracked for my cat to come and go as it pleases. Then my mind quickly raced to the conversation I overheard Stevie and Cooper having about seeing a MONSTER squirrel in our garage eating all the cat food. So I got a little nervous and peeked under one of the was to dark and I couldn't see anything. I ran into the house and grabbed my camera (cause one never knows!) and flashlight to see better. I could still hear the rustling and the scratching and so I ever so cautiously got down and peeked under the chair again. There I saw two grayish white feet, with its toes spread out with a death grip on the cement floor, and its little tummy breathing really fast and really hard! Poor thing! The picture in my mind was of that movie Over the Hedge and one of the characters, I think either a turtle or squirrel was hiding from a human and he was plastered up against a wall hoping the human didn't see him! Ha ha! I just pictured this little animal scared to death thinking in his head "Oh crap! I hope she can't see me"! Anyway, I moved over to the side of the chair to see if I could get a better look, but I couldn't. Then all of a sudden I saw this long naked thing that looked like a snake, no a tail, yeah, a tail, wait...A TAIL! Looks like a BIG RAT TAIL! I freaked, jumped up and ran into the house. I told Jace to come out there with me cause something was in the garage! (like Jace was gonna protect me ha ha) We looked again, and it had moved and was now facing us! It was a POSSUM! I have never in my life seen a real live possum! Poor thing was scared to death, and I didn't know anything about possums, whether they are aggressive or passive or whateverive! So we started moving things so it could have a straight shot out of the garage. We baricaded ourselves just in case it decided to attack! Ha-ha! Jace climbed up on one of the chairs and I the other. It was looking up at us like "what the.....?" I was able to take a couple of pictures and a video of it, so i hope you like it.

But....that isn't where the story ends yet!

When that cute little possum finally got the nerve to make a run for it, we wanted to see where it would go and how big it really was, so we ran to the other side of the garage, where there is a door that opens out onto the back patio. As I flung open the door and stepped out, there stood the biggest freakin' racoon I have ever seen! It stared at me and I stared at him, both of us afraid to move! This crazy racoon is starring me straight in the eyes, and he starts to take a step in super super slow-mo, like if he stares at me hard enough, I won't be able to see him walking away! I'm yelling for Jace, so he steps out and the racoon freezes again and stares at him, then super super slow-mo walking again! I'm fumbling for my camera to snap a shot, but by the time I focused on him he had gotten back into the trees and it was to dark to see him. That racoon was bigger than my cat, and I gotta BIG cat! That was our latest creature adventure. I put some food out in the box for Coonie and I hope he comes back, along with Possum. They were both so awesome!
The next morning I showed Stevie and Cooper the pics and video, we were all glad to have solved the Monster Squirrel mystery. I swear I could write a book about this stuff! Ha-ha!


Chase and Shalyse Rogers said...

ha ha, you freakin hicks and your giant rodents! He he, that is so fun. I'm so glad you are keeping up with your blog since I don't get to talk to you much. Miss you. You should call my mom she's been pretty depressed the last couple weeks. love you lots, keep the updates comin.