Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome to our home! I'm gonna take you on a quick tour, so don't get up and leave for one second, or you will miss it! This is the very 1st room you enter into when you walk in the house. We call it the "living room"!

As you walk down the hall we have a comfortable little nook, that we like to call the "piano room", since that is the only place it would fit! It has a beautiful view of the east side of the house where deer like to nibble on the forest floor :)

Next you have Cooper showing you the crazy bathroom, that texans all seem to love! They call it the "jack-n-jill" bathroom. Its kinda cool. Right smack in the middle is the bath/shower and toilet on the left side and right side of that is a seperate room, each one has a sink and cupboards, with a total of 4 doors in all! That way if someone needs to shower, bathe, or well you know, and someone else needs to wash their hands, brush their teeth, or look in the mirrow, then it makes everyone happy to be able to do all those things at once....kinda!


Cyni and Steve said...

I need to be a little bit more careful of the pics I publish! Ha ha Good thing Steve was covered up! Whew!