Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update on Family

I know I need to update my blog so here is what is going on with the family lately.
Steve is still working hard and has been going back and forth to Texas. We're trying to expand our business, so we are planning on moving to Texas.
Justin lives up in St George as a snowboard instructor part time and got another job at Buckle. He will be moving home soon to get somethings figured out to go to texas with us in June-July 2009.
Colten is going to school and still working for his dad as a mechanic. He hangs out with his friends and makes long boards on his free time. Colten graduates in May and is planning on getting his mission papers in adn work for his dad driving a dump truck until he leaves.
Cooper is going to taylor as a 7th grader. Doing really well in school, making new friends. Plays football with his best friend Jared Eaton and his brother Stevie for NYS. Doing really good this year. He just started wrestling for school and is loving it!
Stevie is going to Keller as a 5th grader. Doing good in school. Plays Baseball for his Dad for Mesa Southern Little League ont eh Astros team. He is excited for this baseball season. Claims to hit a lot of homruns and be a better catcher than last year.
Jace turned 8 in November and was baptized. He is hanging out with his brothers, and his best friend dallan russell. Plays game cube and computer games. Sometimes draws a lot too. He is quite the artist!
And Me, I have been getting things ready for texas, including the house, loving hanging out with my boys, watch them play their sports, and watching my grandbaby on wednesdays. He is going to be a year and a half on march 28th. i can't believe it, time flies by way to fast. He is starting to talk a little more, he's also losing the baby look and starting to look like a little boy! Amber and Josh are going to start potty training him soon! Good Luck!