Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ok here you enter the domain of women....we call it the "kitchen"! Cooper is really turning out to be quite the model, I may have to enroll him in models 101! I like the kitchen, it is big and roomy at least in counterspace! My honest opinion is that the builder ought to be shot! It was obviously a man....there is no pantry! None, nada, zilch! Who builds a house with no stupid pantry in the kitchen? UUUGGGGG! Well it will have to do for now! I do like the sink, or should I say the faucet! Its pretty cool!

Ok, moving on.....on the other side of the kitchen you have the dining room/office. Since we don't have any more space, the office computer and my personal computer are against the wall by the table. All I can say is it works!

The next room, which is right off the dining/office/kitchen is Stevie and Jace's room. The bedrooms are very spacious, with big closets, and I like them. I think the boys like them also.