Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ok well I did take a picture of Krew sleeping on my bed in my room...does that count?
I also failed to show you all Justin, Cooper, and Colten's room! Its awesome ha ha! The owners of the house turned their attic into a big room, so that is where the older boys are sleeping. Its pretty cool, they carpeted it and made it all nice. They even installed an air conditioner just for that room, along with it being connected to the rest of the house. They love it cause they can control the temp. I may be controlling it as soon as we get our 1st electric bill! Amber, Josh, and Braiden are sleeping in the other bedroom in the house till they get their own place. They are trying to get a home down the street but it is taking some time to get it all in order. So for now we are all cozy snuggly like little bugs in a rug! Right!