Thursday, May 29, 2008

This is what our family does for summertime fun...they build a wakeboard park in my front yard! They had a rail, but it didn't hold up!

Cooper is out of elementary & on to Jr High!

Cooper's buddies! They are so good to him...they all knelt down so he could see how it feels to be taller than them!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ok, I'm a bad grandma...I gave Braiden my icecream cone cause I couldn't resist his pleading eyes! But look what happened when mom took it away.....

gimmee back my yummy!

Braiden ready for a swim

Uncle Stevie & Braiden

Braiden & Pappa Steve enjoying this AWESOME bridge & a smoothie

Hanging with mom & dad in the pool

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Steve caught a flu around Christmas that just wouldn't go away. I finally talked him into going to the doctor two months later. One test led to another, x-rays, ct scans, bone scans, blood tests, then finally a specialist narrowed it all down to "there's a growth on the right side of your 5th & 6th ribs (uuggg!)." Not wanting to cause further complications, we decided to have them removed. Steve was thrilled, ha-ha, and tried quite a few times to get out of it! But on April 24, he had surgery to get what ever it was out. The doctor found two, 1-2 cm growths on his ribs, and removed 5 inches of each rib. He was in the hospital for 5 glorious days. He had a few complications which kept him there a bit longer than expected. One week later, the news came that the tumors were not cancerous, that they could've been if they had not been removed. It was a rare form of cancer that when they reach the size of around 5 cm they start producing the cancer cells. Since this was caught early, this process hadn't started yet. So now Steve is on the road to recovery, and is healing really well. He is up and moving and probably doing things he really shouldn't be doing, but thats Steve, he can't sit still if his life depended on it! Thanks to all of our family and friends that helped with meals, and visits, and keeping us in your prayers. You all mean so much to us, and we greatly value your friendships.

Thats a nice!

This sucks!

That stupid nazi nurse made me sit in this chair!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am so stinkin' bored...

I like drugs!